Case Study: Bunn-O-Matic – Business Objects Training

Company Profile

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation (BUNN®). Since 1957, BUNN has been at the forefront of beverage equipment innovation: inventing the flat-bottom paper filter for commercial use, the pour-over coffee brewer, and the first commercial iced tea brewer that uses fresh leaves versus instant mix. As customers entered the digital age, BUNN also embraced sophisticated new technology to meet changing needs. Its global headquarters is located in Springfield, Illinois, USA, where the company strives for total customer satisfaction through superior equipment and unmatched service with support from facilities in Iowa, the New York metro area, California, as well as in Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

Specialties: Quality Beverage Equipment Worldwide



Globonix provided custom and standard training for SAP Reporting to support Bunn’s investment in SAP Business Objects.  Bunn was able to select from several training options to best meet their needs.


Customer Need

Bunn experienced time delays in updating its reporting environment because it used different reporting approaches for its enterprise.  These reports represented the back bone of their Business Intelligence system. Additionally, Bunn was challenged to build the capability in its development team so that it ramped up quickly with the new SAP Business Objects tools. Bunn needed to lead its own report conversion activities, but only a handful of people in the entire organization had the experience needed. They needed a partner to show them the way, and do it quickly.



Globonix Training staff moved rapidly to identify a path to deliver both the standard and custom training modules needed. Globonix enables environments where the trainees can learn quickly and in environments that are comfortable to them. Before any training modules were delivered, Globonix installed Bunn’s actual database environment, and this was used as the foundation for Business Objects training. This approach worked really well as the Bunn trainees were able to relate to its actual data points that were already familiar, and KPI’s were established from existing metrics. Part of the customized training module included how to convert legacy reports and demonstrated how to reproduce the same reports using their new tools. Also, Globonix helped Bunn understand how to optimize the run-time for better and faster performance. The final training manual was developed carefully based on the needs of Bunn, and it covered both standard and custom material. As part of its service offering, Globonix shared their wealth of insight and experience from working with similar environments in the form of the best practices and documented examples.



Shortly after the training, Bunn successfully deployed several developers to the task of developing reports on their own using Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, and Universe Technology. The end result was a standardized set of reports that Bunn was able to convert for itself. The trained team was able to convert its legacy reports using standardized tools using the best practices they learned from Globonix. Furthermore, they expanded their reporting into other areas of the organization, as well as other data sources such as SAP Business Warehouse. They were able to implement numerous reports and different Business Intelligence projects independently.